By name, I’m Akinpelu Yusuf Olajuwon Abayomi Ojo

Born in the wee hours of Friday, Aug. 12, 1994

  • I hail from Oyo State, Akinyele Local Government, Ibadan, to be precise, although, I spent my first score years in Lagos state, the hometown of my mother.

School experiences

* I attended Command Children’s School, Ikeja Military Cantonment, Ikeja, Lagos between 2001-2005;

* Anchor Secondary School, Agbede, Ikorodu, Lagos from 2006-2008

* Inglewood Academy, Owutu, Ikorodu, Lagos from 2009-2011

* Modrasutul-Misbaahil-Udah Arabic School, Asolo, Ikorodu, Lagos (2009-2013)

Class: Science;

* Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan Campus, Shasha, Ajibode, Ibdan Oyo State (2013-2015)

Course: Statistics

Certificate: OND;

*  University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State (2015 till date)

Faculty: Science

Department: Statistics


Class Captain: JSS1 – JSS 3 (though with some striping off at one time or the other);

Noqeeb (i.e Class Representative): While during my second and third years in Arabic School;

Laboratory Prefect in Inglewood Academy while in SSS 3;

Financial Secretary, Union of Campus Journalists, Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan Campus;

Assistant General Secretary and Editor in Chief, Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, MSSN,  Federal School of Statistics Branch;

Secretary to the Oyo State Director of Secondary Studies;

General Secretary, Association of Statistics Students of Nigeria (ASSON) Press Organization;

Editor in Chief, Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, MSSN, University of Ibadan Branch;

Deputy Editor in Chief and News Editor, Tedder Hall Press Organization, University of Ibadan;


Best Student from JSS 1 – JSS 3;

Best Student in Yoruba, SSS 2;

Third Best Graduating Student in Statistics Department, Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan;



All virtuous acts, reading, writing always, speechifying, counselling, debating, worshiping, observing.


Inconsiderateness, cheating and pride