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November 2015


The sight of beggars on the roads and streets of Lagos has never been pathetic as this one I saw. It was an eye sore. Under the scouching sun of a hot afternoon was a man begging for alms. The sun was so that it could melt the skin if their were no sweat glands underneath it. His sight soaked tears in my eyes. Stroke of pains and sympathy laced my heart. He could neither walk nor sit. He could only talk and see. Then I realised my ability to walk, sit, talk, jump, run et al is not a right but a privilege. The man crawled on his belly. ‘What trauma could be revolving in his psyche’ I thought.

The weather reader on my smartphone reads 30 degrees Celsius. Meaning the weather condition could almost boil water if it is tripled. As taught in Geography class back then in school: ‘The higher the point, the hotter’ but ‘The higher the altitude (height), the colder’. The man showed no sign of this analogies’ correctness. He was brimming with satisfaction and contentment. I wondered what he would have been like if he could walk. How pathetic!

Crawling on the floor as hot as that could be pain. Great pain. Almost hopeless as he was, he wore a very cheerful disposition. He bellied his pains and displayed a proud and happy mood. Showing that: ‘with breath still oozing out of me, I have hope. All is not lost’. No wonder, I interpreted his disposition to be: “There is light in the end of the tunnel”. What a lesson from a mere beggar (if may say). The so-called down-trodden man on the floor of a typical Lagos-road was the teacher on that day. Poverty striken fraction of the society some may say he is. A lesson you might not never learn from anyother person. Not even the elite!



It was an indecisive day as I felt the heat of betrayal, more than any day I can remember in my chronicles. Some days back, I stumbled upon an e-book on how to be a better speaker. There, I saw “integrity” as one of the attributes of a good speaker. Then, I rushed to my dictionary (Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Third Edition) where integrity was defined to be:“the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change” Hardly could I forgive myself for longer part of that day due to my violation of this great virtue.

In the institute for Computer Training which I attended, the bad eggs among the student dropped the bombshell- they stole a phone. Hell broke out. No one must go home was the instruction as the search game began. At this moment, I was very agitated. Maybe afraid, too. I didn’t know for what reason. I couldn’t explain the reason. I broke my heart in the process.”Soon I will repair it” was what I told myself to keep a positive attitude.

My anxiety heightened when the search game was reaching its brim. A man called Alfa – a young nice-scenting chap in his late twenties or perhaps early thirties- was beckoned. Guess what we were told we would drink a water mixture if the thief fails to show. I felt so bad. Clueless and confused on whether or not to drink the water which I shouldn’t drink. I am not supposed to even think of drinking it or not. I shouldn’t have a second thought. I am not drinking. That’s all! Remembering the definition of integrity, I felt I lacked it that moment. I misplaced it totally. It hurt me so much. It was against my idiosyncracy. Against my spiritual ethos. I betrayed my heart.

I was lucky as I breath a sigh of relief when suddenly, the phone- Z3- belonging to one Kayode was said to have been found. No one knows where and how except when. I replayed the possible scene if it wasn’t found. We would all have been compelled and condemned to drink from the water. Diabolical water of only God knows where it from or what it contains.
It was as if I had committed a great crime. If I had, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself anytime soon. Thank God I didn’t. I should have stood my ground even deep down my heart. Fully prepared to make whoever know this is what I stand for and I can’t change it for such weak reason- that is what I term as integrity. I had learnt a lesson which I will keep in my head for years to come. And I will teach anyone that come my way.

This is why I have come to teach you the lesson of I-N-T-E-G-R-I-T-Y. It is a very important aspect of our lives. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. I learnt mine this way, hence I give you a million dollar advice. Wouldn’t you rather heed to it. Whatever you believe as right don’t forfeit it for anything so that at the end you will not betray your heart and never be able to forgive yourself. Neverheless, be careful so that you won’t be foolish in decision making. You have the content in your head to juxtapose right from wrong. I have forgiven myself and I believe Almighty Allah has too. You may never be able to. Maintain high satndard of moral uprightness and spiritual balanceness, then you will be happy in life and the hereafter.

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