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October 2015

The sight of the poor state of our roads saddens the heart. The roads are weeping but we just can’t sense it. And we can’t but help weep with roads before the government seeking for their swift aid. We are on our knees begging for action to save our lives from the havoc afflicted upon us as a result these roads. Calling them death trap is an understatement; the roads are ready-made grave hungry to swallow up lives and gulping the blood of innocent Nigerians.
Roads are very important ammenity in the development of the economy. They are the veins and arteries that transport the flow of development and stability into a nation’s economy. When not available or not up to standard, citizens pay with blood and loses. Likewise the economy.
Days back, the news of Baba Obasanjo’s flat tyre incidence along Lagos-Ibadan expressway crept into the news and we all thank God for his survival. This I believe should be clarion call if only they think! It shows the dwindling condition of these roads and nothing is done about it. So sad. Infact, if these so called leaders can periodically fall victim of this challenges, maybe they will be able to ascertain their level of irresponsiveness. We can’t stand and fold our arms watching our roads become our enemies overnight. This is where the government, stakeholders and citizens aliike must stand to up the ante. Else, we might not live to tell the story.
A supposed 30-40 minutes journey last longer than it should due to these lowly maintained roads in the country. The masses are at the receiving end of this whole unfortunte scenes. I believe we are entitled to the better lives if we leaders at the helms of affairs. But there is no modicum of this most times.
Evil geniuses among the men of the underworld seize the medium of road block caused by its poor state to perpetrate their evils. Come to Asolo-Isawo road in Ikorodu or even the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, the roads are bad. A day on the road means almost a corresponding period of medication as a result of the topsy-turvy road. It is appalling! We beg for an outright response from the government at all tiers. Please and please do something now!
We hope soon after this, our hot tears of plight can be replcaed with cool flash of smile. I believe if this is done, we can begin to have some level of improvement in our community and even the country at large.
Also, citizens has their respondibilities to play in this course. Upholding proper maintenance of the provisions from the government in lieu of the vandalization which we see around. This must stop, too!




“Write!” my mind commanded.

“I am tired” I replied defiantly but silently.

This was the story as I showed a somewhat lazy attitude towards writing that day. All I heard was the flapping of wings and  a very feeble agonizing sound of pain. Pretty more painful and agonizing than that of a mother in labour. Curious to see what it was, I yanked my shorts off my thigh up my hip. As I made my way towards the passage where the sound was dripping I searched everywhere in my head looking for a guess of what could be happening. I got a clue of what it was – it was more like a bird trying to fly.

Being a lover of pets, I felt the pain to base of my feet. The pain’s sharp edge pierced me from head to toe. Rush of fear and horror circumference my face recurrently like an ocean wave. I stood rooted to my spot. I watched as the fowl battled for breadth. It outstretched its lifeless  legs, poked its dangling neck and began to foam. Still sympathizing, a cold breeze swept my feet away. Just then, the  clouds rolled in.

Everything I saw got me thinking. Thank God I didn’t for long. I immediately remembered the lines of a radio personnel: ‘Maybe those graves you see house ideas that can change the world’. I copied the link of these lines into my head and I felt motivated to write. I raced to my pen and notepad.

At this moment, I began to see the genuineness of the verities contained in his lines.  If everyone could translate their ideas into action then the world would transcend its present state. I thought. “There would have being no story of a man who wanted to develop the technology of mind calling” It would have being a celebration of an innovative invention. A great one it could have being. Record breaking. Do you think mind calling is impossible? Ask the deads!

Mind calling in case you don’t know saves you the stress of punching those keys on your gadgets to reach out to people. All you need do is think about them. Behold! you are communicating without dancing of the lips. No cost incurred. No terms and conditions except that you must be alive!

As a Muslim, I believe the Paradise is where this exists. Maybe. Just maybe those tombs could transport it down here. Or even better dreams.

All of these burn down to you remolding your ideas into actions. Don’t make your grave a hub of ideas. Make it a house of fulfilment of eternal bliss. Whatever innovation or idea radiating the orbit of your psyche, propel it out of yourself. It may turn around every oddity here and there in this dwindling world of ours.


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